Integrated Behavioral Correspondence Data Structures

A Real Time Behavioral Interface

IBC Autonomous / Autonym Thinking Robotics

  NEMOS, the world's first real-time thinking microprocessor and it's architecture, IBC/DS (Integrated Behavioral Correspondence / Data Structures) are fully dynamic.  This advanced architecture is based on IBCLI's Proprietary Behavioral Science of human behavior. 

The term behavior and behavioral based are too broadly used and misleading when it comes to computers along with current software and hardware.  Here is an explanation of the fundamental differences between IBC/DS and A.I.:


IBC/DS uses an algorithm that is completely different and is:

a)      More efficient

b)     Exponentially faster and requires very small storage

c)      Execution methodology is superior in its architecture.


A.I. does not use real-time thinking today; NEMOS can!  This is a major difference.



Our IBC/DS architecture is completely developed, and will not require any upgrade programming to its NEMOS hardware or chip sets including our software.  All changes will strictly reflect only changes in hardware and software offerings in the computer industry.



A.I. does not have the architectural structure like NEMOS, to deliver a natural or non-offensive response to an individual in need resulting in a real and positive outcome instantaneously.  However, NEMOS is designed to accomplish just that outcome in real-time.



One of the inherent problems with A.I. is the complexity in arriving at the desired outcome quickly.  This is in part due to the vast coding that is mandated by A.I. architecture.  NEMOS, on the other hand, is embedded with extremely efficient IBC/DS and arrives at the desired outcome very quickly.

This is a "major breakthrough with our technology."

This means NEMOS can be integrated in any and all environments and will be very economical to purchase when available.

We at IBCLI, consider Robotics to be a technology well suited for integration with IBCLI's Behavior Logic Processor. In the field of robotics great inroads have been made in motion control and electromechanical systems, however, the one system that falls short is Artificial Intelligence. With A.I., self learning using Databases can grow to be hard to manage and can be time consuming in it's execution. As IBCLI further develops the behavior logic processor, a focus to deliver real time motion control with Risk Based Intelligence, will be made that will take Robotics to the next level. The Behavior Processor is already smart, so learning and storage of information to be searched through, will not be required. IBCLI will continue with their Robotics R&D program and fine tune the applicable parameters of our NEMOS processor.  This R&D will result in the production of Thinking Robotics, at a level never achieved by current techniques.  IBCLI's Thinking Robotics will focus on delivering Real Time Motion Control with Risk Based Intelligence. It's not hard to see the value of this technology, ranging from toys, to autonomous systems. We believe that this type of technology will lead the way in Robotic systems for the future and create new opportunities.  

NEMOS technology, when completed, will be available to all Developers under a license agreement.


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