Integrated Behavioral Correspondence Data Structures

A Real Time Behavioral Interface  

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IBC Limited International (IBCLI), whose suite of products under development includes secure hardware and software solutions, ranging from anti-virus products to fully secure communications conduits SAT (Smart Architectural Tubing). All these products are based on our unique Behavior Logic Coding, in our IBC Microprocessor NEMOS.

Depending on the importance of the data, these occurrences can range from minor annoyances to major breaches of national security. Whether a government or corporation is looking to secure its systems and networks from hacking and theft of vital information, it simply cannot rely on current technologies for the solution. The proper way to address the problems of hacking, viruses and security is develop a system(s) that cannot be hacked, that intercepts viruses as "unrecognized code", deletes and quarantines them to a research lab; that can monitor and detect internal malfeasance before an individual or group can damage your data. How is such a system possible? The answer is IBCLI and the non-repeating code of the Behavior Logic microprocessor NEMOS.

IBC Processing:

IBC Processing uses one’s active true behavior cellblocks for codification of the individual(s).  These unique cellblocks are subsequently transformed into a real time, highly unique mathematical model, which is easy to process for comparative purposes.  This also results in unfathomable speed of execution in REAL TIME using IBC “Pre-Before-Post” process.

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